Shepherds Herald Going Paperless

At our September business meeting it was agreed by the members to go “paperless” for The Herald to save a substantial amount of money and time.

The Herald will be available via e-mail to all members that supply their email address to our Financial Secretary, Tom Borruso—just e-mail him at and fill the subject of your e-mail with “paperless Herald”.

Your e-mail address will only be used for the Herald and other important events, such as the death of a brother Knight or events of interest in Holbrook.

If you don’t have an email address the Herald will be available here at the Council Web Site.

Our target for going “paperless” is January 2013.

On October 24th a test mailing of the Herald was sent out. If you did not receive it either we do not have your e-mail address or we have the wrong address. If you did not receive the test e-mail please notify Tom as indicated above.

If you know a Brother Knight that doesn’t have access to a computer please notify him to call Tom Borruso at 676-5053.