Official Notice – Council Elections on 6/12/2012.


Grand Knight Allen D. Gordon Treasurer Bill Wallace
Deputy Grand Knight Nick Hernandez Advocate Nick Guarino
Chancellor Allen S. Gordon Inside Guard Fred Flad
Warden James Turansky Outside Guard Billy Kane
Recorder William Mueller 3 Year Trustee John Rein

 Conference Delegates & State  Convention

Grand Knight GK Elect Alternate to GK Tom Borruso
PGK John Leonardo Alternate to PGK John Rein

Chapter Delegates
The four Chairs that are elected, John Leonardo and Tom Borruso. Other nominations may be made from the floor and nominations may not be closed until the election meeting has convened and the members are ready to ballot. Please note that only members who are in good standing and who have been initiated in the first three Degrees of the Order are eligible to hold office.