May 2015 Grand Night Message

Well we are almost at the end of the year once again.  This has been a long and hard year for the council.  We have been fighting to keep the council going and trying to bring in new ideas and new members.  Unfortunately things have not been as successful as we would have liked.

Financially none of our fundraisers have been huge successes.  This puts us in the position of being able to continue for another year but still didn’t give us enough of a bank roll to be out of danger. 

In my opinion the reason our fundraisers weren’t larger successes is that we don’t have people willing to run an event from start to finish.  So I have been heavily involved ifI wasn’t exclusivly involved in all events.  This meant I was planning and running several events at the same time, while also working on my regular council duties.  So none of the events were able to get my full attention.

So if you are willing to help run an event or have an event idea please let me know.  Our calendar is going to need to be submitted soon for the entire year so even if you are willing to run an event later in the year please let me know soon.