May 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

My Brother Knights, I have been busy working out our schedule for the upcoming year.  I was hoping to have it in this Herald this month but I can’t confirm the dates with the church yet.  Once I do I will send out a special email to all of the members and I will post it on our website.  Once the list is posted I will be asking for members to join committees to plan out these events, so if you anyone is interested in working on an event please let me know. We have a lot of great events we are planning for the upcoming year. As I said in my message last month the focus this year is on Social events and I think it will be a fun and active year for the council.  With the wide variety of events we are planning this year, I think every member will find something they are interested in doing.  So even if you have not come to anything in a while please feel free to join us at any events we are doing, everyone is always welcome. At our last business meeting it was voted that we officially change our meeting day to the Third Thursday.  Since this requires us to change our bylaws this is a process and can’t just be changed on the fly.  This coming month we will be meeting on the third Thursday (May 15th), but to make the change official we need to have a vote at our a business meeting after notice has been given of the change.  That vote will be at the business meeting on June 10th.  Anyone interested should feel free to come down to that meeting.  I plan on putting together a committee to review the bylaws and possibly propose any other changes which we may want to make at the same time.

Nick Hernandez
Grand Knight