March 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

This month the herald is returning with a new look and feel.  I want to thank Bill Mueller for volunteering to take over the herald and for spending the time to redesigning it.

On February 7th we had a very successful membership social, where we invited our members and anyone thinking about joining the Knights to a free pizza party.  There was a decent turn out and along with our Membership Drive we picked up five new members.  We are hosting a first degree on March 11th at 7:30 to bring some if these members into our council.

While doing the membership drive, several of our current members said they would like to come to the meetings but have conflicts on the second Tuesday.  So this month we are going to try meeting on the third Thursday (March 20th) to see if this would allow more of the council members to attend our regular meeting.  I plan on trying it again if the turn out if good before making anything permanent.

Recently there has been quite a few members who have need the councils FAC program.  This has drained our fund to zero, so it was decided that from now on 10% of every events profits will automatically be put into the FAC fund.  So please come out and support our events so we can get money back into this fund.

The last thing I wanted to mention is that our 30th Anniversary Dinner is coming up soon.  There is an advertisement in this herald with all of the details, I hope to see everyone there.