June 2015 Grand Knight Message

Since this is one of the last heralds of the year I wanted to personally thank a few of our brothers who went out of their way to help the council and me this year.

  • John Leonardo for keeping me going and providing anything I needed many times before I even realized I needed it.
  • Tom Haberkorn for handling the Saint Patrick’s Day Party, which was the one fundraiser I was able to be mostly hands off with once he took it over.
  • Nick Guarino for his help getting prizes for the Chinese auction and for always being ready to help with whatever needs to be done.
  • John Rein for helping to get prizes for the chinese auction as well and for taking care of a lot of the councils related stuff so I didn’t have to.
  • Fred Flad for taking care of our membership and attending all of the degrees with our candidates.
  • Bill Mueller for his donations to the chinese auction and always helping out whenever I asked for help. He also has done a wonderful job with the herald.
  • Don Urbanski for running the most successful free throw contest this council has had in years.
  • James Turansky for storing and laying out the money for our Keep Christ in Christmas.
  • Phil Portanova for handling our scholarship.
  • Fr. Jim Shelton for being liaison with the church and going out of his way to help the council anyway he could.

If I missed anyone I am sorry. It was a rough year but we made it. I hope that we are able to make it through this coming year and that we are able to grow this council to a health size so everything isn’t so difficult.