April 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

Membership, membership, membership without it we can’t do our wonderful works and have a healthy successful council. While at the same time it is time consuming and hard work to recruit new members.

Growing our numbers had been my focus for this year and I believe all of our efforts have really paid off.

This is in no small part due to the efforts of our Membership Director Fred Flad. He has been working hard reaching out to our members both new and old, to bringing them to our meetings. I believe his effort has lead directly to the increase in meeting attendance that we have been seeing recently.

Not only has our meeting attendance gone up, but many of our brothers have stepped up to volunteer to help organize and run our events. This has made it much easier to run our past couple of events.

This past month we tried a Thursday night meeting which brought in even more brothers. On May 15th at 8 pm we will be trying a Thursday night meeting once again and if that one works out as well then we will move to Thursdays permanently.

We also had three new brothers, Vincent Messina, Edward Pastel, and John Chanda start their journey in the Knights of Columbus this month. I look forward to working with them and implementing some of the great ideas they have already brought to the council.

Now that we have gained active members and I believe we are in much better shape, my next goal is going to be to improve the council’s financial and social health.

I plan on creating committees for all future events to divide the work up and make out events even more successful.