February 2014 Grand Knight Message

It is amazing how much things can change in one month.  I am really starting to feel like we are making progress in strengthening this council, but we still have some ways to go.

Attendance has been up at our meetings and I have been seeing quite a few new faces at our meetings.  This really has been wonderful to see and had been making it easier to get things done by being able to spread out the work.

To continue moving us towards our goals we are going to be trying two new things over the next two months.

The first thing is going to be on Friday February 7th, and will be a joint social with the Good Shepherd Women’s Auxiliary.  This social is meant as a fun night out for our members and as a way for people thinking about joining it get to know us.  Current members, including inactive members, are encourage to come down with their families for a fun night of games and a pizza party.  It should be a very fun evening.

Recently there has been quite a few brothers who have said that they would like to be active members but have conflicts Tuesday nights.  So in March we are going to try meeting on the third Thursday, March 20th, to see how many brothers can then attend.  If it works out we will try it again in a different month and then consider make the change permanently.  So please try to attend this special meeting so we can fudge interest in the change.

We have a lot of great ideas for 2014 and with everyone’s help I think we can make them all happen.