December 2014 Grand Knight’s Message

Brothers, I am happy to say that the decision made at our last business meeting was to fight to keep the council going. At that meeting I presented a plan with some ideas on how we can save the council.

The first area I think we need to focus on is improving our financials. We are already off to a great start after a very successful Keep Christ in Christmas Sale which far exceed last year’s income. If our other previously planned fundraiser our Saint Patrick’s Day Party is also a success we will be in good shape.

We also are working on two new events, a Golf outing and a Chinese Auction. With those two events I am going we will increase the cushion we will need to afford to keep the council going.

Another area which I think the council needs to focus on is membership involvement. We have lots of members but very few have been willing to help out. Some brothers have stepped up but if we are going to continue to survive we are going to need even more help. So we are going to send out a survey to all of our members in a few weeks to try and found out what we can do to get more people active. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

The other way I am hoping to get more help is through recruiting new members. We need to find young members who are willing to be active and are interested in being officers in the council.

I think if we are able to accomplish all of these tasks even partially we should be in good shape to keep the council going.