April 2015 Grand Knight Message

Brothers, we are coming up on the end of the Columian year and though we have been trying a lot of different things we still need to keep push if we are to continue to survive.

Our next fundraiser is our Chinese Auction on April 17th at 6 pm.  It is important that we make this fundraiser as successful as possible.  If you can donate any items or attend it will be a big help.

Following the Auction our next focus is on our calendar for next year.  So far the following events are being considered:

*  Italian night
*  Saint Patrick day
*  Children’s Christmas party
*  Breakfast with Saint Nick
*  Drivers defense
*  Oktoberfest
*  Keep Christ in Christmas and possible wreath
*  Mini golf – social
*  Bowling – social
*  Pizza Social for members and anyone interest in joining
*  Hosting Three DD
*  Hosting Two 1st degree

If you have any suggestions or feedback please let me know.