A Message from our new Grand Knight

My Brother Knights,

Our council is at a crossroads; through the hard work and effort of our active members we have gained a very favorable reputation in the parish. On top of that the Church of the Good Shepherd has a new pastor and all indications are that he is willing to support the role of Knights of Columbus in the Parish. This opens a lot of different options and opportunities which we may not have pursued in the past.

However, over the years our active members have dwindled and if not for the hard work of a few of our members we could not accomplish our goals of charity, fraternity and unity. This is why I am asking all of our members to try and make it to a few meetings this year, you may like what you hear and want to become an active member. Being an active member is as simple as attending meetings and providing ideas and feedback at the meetings.

This year I would like to focus on growing our numbers while we continue to do our good deeds. There are some very large ideas and needs and to be able to do them I plan on tapping, the newly forming woman’s auxiliary and to ask for help when doing events from the parishioners. With the added help I believe we can pull off these tasks without overloading our current active members.

Finally I ask if everyone could please keep Past Grand Knight Allen’s wife Wendy and the entire Gordon family in your prayers.

Nick Hernandez
Grand Knight