August 2015 Grand Knight Message

My Brother Knights,

I would like to invite all brother knights to attend our business meetings on the third Thursday of the month.
Your involvement will enable the council to preform greater charity acts and meet with old and new friends.
At our business meeting in September we are having the installation of officers.

We plan to be a part of the Holbrook Fair on August 15th if you go to the fair please look for us. We are
planning to have an Italian night in October of this year. Tickets for Italian night will go on sale in September.
We will have the cost and dates firmed up by the time of our next Herald. The last Italian night was a great
success and we received many complements from people who attended the event. I am sure this dance will also
be a great success.

I am going to keep the letter short I hope to see you all at our next meeting.

John Rein
Grand Knight